APPLICATIONS We offer various types of stencils, from multi-level SMD stencils, VectorGuardTM systems, stencils for pneumatic frames, stencils mounted in aluminum frames of standard and XXL sizes, and prototype stencils.

Multi-level SMD stencils

Multi-level stencils are used for applications which require different thicknesses of solder paste coatings on a single stencil. This ensures the quantity control of solder paste for each component separately and helps achieve optimal application of solder paste to the printed circuit board.

General information:
Technical information:

VectorGuardTM systems

Since 2012, we have been authorized to manufacture VectorGuard stencils and mounting systems.

The following frame and stencil sizes are available:

VectorGuard stencils are available with both standard and FineGrain material.

Stencils for pneumatic frames

We produce stencils for pneumatic frames: Zelflex, Quattro flex, DEK, Alpha, Mechatronic, etc.


Stencils mounted in a standard size aluminum frame

The following sizes are available:

XXL Alu frame stencils

Large format stencils mounted on aluminum frames.

The following sizes are available:

Different dimensions available by arrangement.

Prototype stencils

Different dimensions available. Prototype stencils are intended for manual application of solder paste on a printed circuit board.