TECHNOLOGY We currently produce over 4000 SMD stencils per month for more than 400 customers worldwide. We are very proud that every year many new customers join us. The latest technology and knowledge are our key factors for progress.

Laser machine

The 6 latest LPKF G6080 laser cutters allow us to produce the highest quality SMD stencils with an accuracy of + - 2 um. One LPKF G6080 system is upgraded to produce multi-level SMD stencils also known as step stencils.

Machine specifications:

Mechanical polishing

The Ottomat 2 polishing machine from Otto Dilg GmbH allows us to polish and remove irregularities on the surface of the stencil on both sides. The result is a smooth surface that allows customers to fully transfer the solder paste to the surface of the printed circuit board.

NANO coating

The use of NanoClear coating enables better and more accurate application of solder paste, increases efficiency and reduces the cleaning interval; all together it leads to a reduction in production costs.


Electropolishing is a process in which irregularities resulting from imperfections in the laser cutting are removed inside the aperature and from the surface itself. The result is a smooth surface, which enables more efficient application of solder paste, and also improves the mechanical properties and duration of the stencil.

Edge protection

By protecting the edges, we prevent the possibility of damage due to sharp edges and damage of the protective packaging. At the same time, we also achieve better stability of SMD stencils.